torsdag 3. juli 2008

A card and a thank you:)

I've made this card for Camillas blog candy challenge, to celebrate 10 000 visitors. I loved the sketch and also her card, so so beautiful! Everyone can join, so go have a look:)

(the colors on the carton looks very red here, they're more watermellony and pale orangey.. something like that:D)

I also got some fun mail today, scrapstuff I shopped the other day, and a beautiful card from Camilla, together with some stamps. Thank you so much, Camilla, the card is gorgeous! I've already painted some with the stamps, they are so cute;) The ones you picked were just perfect!

Now, summer has come! So we are outside soaking up the sun while we can. The sunny days don't usually last that long here... hope everyone has a wonderful summertime!:)

2 kommentarer:

Camilla sa...

Åååå, Anita, kortet ditt er helt nydelig!!! Den Tildaen er jo verdens søteste, og blomsten, billettene og fargene er bare helt knall! Tusen takk for at du tok deg tid til skissen min:) Nå er navnet ditt i boksen, så lykke til:)
Ha en flott helg!
Klem fra Camilla.

Synnøve Olava sa...

Aldeles nydelig!
Liker faktisk alt ved det flotte kortet.

Ha en fortsatt fin sommerdag!